After taking a short hiatus, Nareasha wanted to create from a different place. Beginning a new chapter of her life, she decided to create this collection from a place where she feels the most joy; LOVE and her acceptance of evolving. As the collection is an array of reds and burgundy with juxtapose textiles that depicts how love can be complicated but it’s a choice. Every thing does not have to be perfect to choose to LOVE. As a natural care taker she now finds her inspiration from her acceptance of evolving and love, not war. Fashion is no longer her weapon, yet her tool to reach women all over the world. She wants to remind powerful women its okay to love, and most importantly allow ourselves to be loved through their personal evolution. This collection embodies the modern woman of being confident, bold, sexy, fierce, adored, and rich. It is important for Nareasha to bring AVNU supporters along the evolution of not only her but the brand as well.